Why It Is Important to Socialize Your Cat

A feral cat that has not been spayed or neutered is often referred to as a stray cat, and can be found throughout the United States. A stray cat that is not given a name or discovered via an internet search is often referred to simply as a “feral cat.” A feral cat that has not been spayed or neutered is often found wandering on its own, without any relationship to any living family. While some stray cats tolerate a little bit of human interaction, most are simply too wild and fearful to be properly handled.

One of the main problems with dealing with a feral cat is that it is completely unaware of its existence. As far as it is concerned, it is basically on its own. The cat may come into contact with people on occasion but usually will not show any signs of affection or become overly attached. Often, these cats are quite tough to find because they tend to hide in the dark and even crawl through cracks in the floor or behind furniture.

When a pet owner does come across a feral cat, one of the first things they do is call a humane society, which specializes in spaying and neutering animals. Unfortunately, when the owner adopts the animal, it immediately becomes lost. The owner then begins to try to locate the cat, often bringing along other pets and children in an attempt to catch it. While strays can be caught and adopted, this process can become very frustrating.

When a pet owner first encounters a stray cat, they are often apprehensive and worried about possibly being bitten or having its tail clawed. To ensure that the best interests of the animal are met, it is important to do what is necessary to get the animal spayed or neutered while waiting for it to become adopted. After the procedure is completed, it is best to take the cat back to the owner’s place and socialize it with other cats in the area. Socialization is the best way to get a stray cat used to humans and other pets.

There are many different reasons why owners need to get strays socialized to other people and other pets. Strays who are not properly socialized will easily prey on small animals, children, and adults. These felines can also be very damaging to property and often bite or scratch at people. While there is nothing owners can do to stop feral cats from attacking and biting, adopting or purchasing one of many different breeds of cat can help prevent future problems. Cats bred for domestic purposes have been found to have less aggressive tendencies and, in some cases, have even been known to live longer than their purebred counterparts. It is in the best interests of all animals to be properly socialized.

In many cities throughout the United States, animal control officers have no problem recognizing these adorable creatures. However, in some cities, it may be necessary to become involved in getting an animal spayed or neutered if the current feline is not showing any signs of adopting. The process is not painful for either the owner or the pet cat and is typically done in a matter of hours. Once the pet is spayed or neutered, it will no longer be required to live in an animal shelter. Strays that are caught and adopted will now be able to find a loving, permanent home.

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