Types of Cat Breeds

According to record, encyclopedia Britannica lists only fifteen common types of cats worldwide. Further, the official cat classification by the international feline association classifies about seventy-two types of domestic cats worldwide. This is the world’s highest record of domestic cat types. Numerous other government and non-governmental organizations to conduct extensive research about domestic cat types. The result is a tremendous diversity in types of domestic cats.

Though there are many different breeds of domestic cats worldwide, they are predominantly categorized into four: Oriental, Domestic, Tabby, and Fancy. Among these, Oriental, Persian, and Fancy cats are the most commonly encountered. Tabby is the oldest type of domestic cat found in North America. It is a relatively new breed of cat which was created in San Francisco, California in 1977. Nevertheless, it is still prominent in other parts of the world.

The domestic cat was successfully domesticated, primarily because of its high intelligence. Domesticated cats are lively and playful. In fact, apart from the benefits that human beings obtain from having domesticated cats around, it has also contributed to the conservation of many wildlife species. The creation of new breeds of domestic cats is an invaluable service which helps preserve the species against extinction.

Several types of cats breeds have become extinct because of humans. Examples of such extinctions include the Portuguese Water Cat, Russian Red Cats, Siamese, and the Ragdoll, which was previously believed to be a feral cat. Similarly, there are several types of wild cats that have experienced a rapid decline in their numbers. Among them are the British Short Hair, Malayan Pink Cat, and the Lion-tailed Monkey, which were previously considering popular pets.

However, a number of domestic breeds have survived the onslaught of man-made habitats and have remained as pets across time. Examples of such breeds are the American Fox Terrier, Anatolian Lynx, Golden Retriever, and the Persian Leopard, which are native to Iran. These feline carnivores belong to different subspecies of the Felis silvestris group.

It is interesting to note that the numbers of registered American cat breeds has been increasing steadily in recent years. With this rise in recognition comes an increase in the recognition and registration of these breeds at the national, regional, provincial and local level. The increasing recognition means that new cat breeds are now more widely recognized by people from all walks of life. The numbers of registered breeders has also significantly increased over time, which is another significant indicator of the growing popularity of these types of cats breeds both in the US and abroad.

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