The Popularity Of The Calico Cat

A beautiful cat, with silky hair, is what you would call a true calico! This breed is very popular in the United States, where it is a great match for men and women alike. A true calico cat has multiple color patterns on its body, each one having a different predominant color. They are found in many colors including: blue, fawn, chocolate, apricot, burgundy, and tan. They have varying amounts of white, chestnut and black markings on their legs, bellies, and tail.

A calico cat’s distinguishing feature is its incredibly versatile coloring. A typical calico cat would be approximately 25 percent white with black and orange or black and brown spots; however, a true calico cat would be normally at least 75 percent white with large black and orange stripes on its body, along with tan and cream colored spots on its face and ears. These cats also have various amounts of black fur on their bodies. Other distinguishing characteristics of these cats include:

Color of the coat: This is another important characteristic that differentiates between a true domestic cat and a calico cat. Calicos do not have single coats, but have two – usually with a tan center and some pink, black, or brown spots on them. While their coats may appear more shiny and softer compared to a purebred, they still need to be bathed often, as their natural oil dries out their coat and can be a source of skin problems for both owners and the cat. Their coats also tend to wither more quickly than those of purebreds because they shed less. Their coats can sometimes appear matted.

Body type and size: A domestic cat breed called the Persian has a long, sturdy coat that is quite coarse, somewhat flat-coated and is quite short at the muzzle. Persian cats are often referred to as “city” cats because they have a very solid and confident personality, but they are also quite affectionate towards children. The sable has a bluish-green double layered coat that is silky and insubstantial. The most distinguishable domestic cat breed in the world is the Calico, which has a single coat and a blue-black color, though variations of the breed exist. Siamese breeds are somewhere between the Persian and the calico and have silvery, blue eyes.

Average lifespan of these cats is anywhere from ten to fifteen years. In captivity, they can live anywhere from eight to eleven years. In a variety of countries, their average lifespan is around seven years. They are sometimes known as “tiger” cats and were once used in tiger dens and laboratories. Despite their intimidating look, the Calico is very lovable and is thought to be one of the easiest cat breeds to maintain. These feline cats tend to have a low activity level in the wild and are rarely seen outside of their own territory.

Breeding and pregnancy: Some say that these lovely little money cats are difficult to breed and raise properly. However, recent advancements have made it possible for many breeders to create more desirable lines such as the Bobodile and the Declined. Still, you should take special care when trying to breeding these cats since they tend to have high mortality rate due to their inactivity. Still, if maintained well, these lovely cats can produce some beautiful offspring. Many experts believe that the Japanese Bobtail and the Tabby are the most frequently produced cats in the world, with the Persian being second.

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