My Cat Hates My Dog: What Should I Do?

Cats and dogs are generally seen as rivals. The idea that cats and dogs do not get along is often seen in mainstream media. In fact, in many cases, the idea is depicted in cartoons aimed at children.

Contrary to popular belief, however, there is little evidence to support the belief that cats hate dogs. According to data, 17% of households own both cats and dogs. This is higher than the 12% who only own cats.

Cats Versus Dogs

The idea that cats and dogs are natural enemies may be due to their varying personalities. Dogs, generally, are much more friendly and social. They like to play and be around humans.

Cats, on the other hand, tend to be more aloof. They are much more temperamental and may even appear cold.

This is also why there is a notion of ‘dog people’ and ‘cat people. The differences in pets are attributed to the personalities of the type of pet they own. Even though this is not supported by data.

My Cat Hates My Dog

As an owner of both cats and dogs, there may very well be tension. This is not just due to the differences in personalities of the two pets, but something much deeper.

Pets regard the humans they live with as their family. They like the love and attention they receive. This is why it can be hard when they have to share the center stage. Your cat may hate your dog due to jealousy. The opposite is also true, your dog may hate your cat. Dog breeders will argue that dogs are much friendlier, however, jealousy goes both ways.

This feeling does not even have to be limited to cats and dogs, if you have multiple pets, this problem may arise. Pets also feel jealous if there is a new addition to the family, like a baby, since they get less attention.

What Can You Do To Make Your Pets Get Along?

If you find that your cat and dog are not getting along and you are stuck in the middle, do not despair. Here are some things you can try to bring about peace in the home:

1.     Make Sure Your Cat Or Dog Meet The Other Pet As A Baby

This may not be possible in every case, but if you want to get another pet be sure to get a young one. If you have a dog, get a kitten. If you have a cat, get a puppy.

This way both will get used to the other easily. Being around a dog from a young age will allow your cat to bond with your dog. The older pet will also be more protective and caring for the younger pet. You must have seen heart-melting videos of two unlikely animals being best of friends. It happens when pets have been together for a long time, especially if both or at least one of them has been a baby.

2.     Give Your Cat Space

Animals value personal space. Cats, in particular, are fond of being on their own and marking territory. Your cat may hate your dog simply because they may view the dog as a threat to their privacy and space.

Letting your cat some quality alone time is a good way of placating it. Having a space of their means they do not feel neglected.

At the same time, you need to do the same for your dog. Have a corner that belongs to your dog. Furthermore, it is not just about physical space. It includes things like toys and blankets.

3.     Exchange Possessions

Having personal space keeps your cat calm and away from your dog. But ideally, you want your pets to get along and play together. Building trust is the basis for any relationship, and this includes the relationship between your cat and dog.

Before you introduce your cat and dog to each other it is better to introduce the possession of a pet to the other. This could be an exchange of blankets, toys, or any other thing. This way your pets will become familiarized with each other’s scents. They will not be strangers to one another.

Even after they have met, try to get your dog to share toys with your cat, and vice versa. This will enable them to gain trust in one another and lead to friendship.

4.     Give Individual Attention

This may be hard, especially if you have more than two pets, but attention is key. Pets crave love and attention. Yes, even cats though they may appear indifferent.

Try to give individual time to all your pets. This way one will not feel left out. Strike a balance so there are no feelings of jealousy that may lead to acts of aggression. If a pet feels that their need for love is being fulfilled, they are less likely to view other pets as competition.

The Verdict

There is no proof that if you have a cat and dog in one house, they will necessarily hate each other. If you are unfortunately dealing with the issue then training is needed. You may need to introduce your cat and dog gradually to each other so they do not react aggressively.

Fear may lead to aggression, so ease your cat into meeting your dog. You may need to train each of your pets to respect the other’s personal space.

In most cases, cats and dogs can get on just well. You just need to work hard and get them to trust one another. Still, there are times when you may have to make a sacrifice. Some breeds of dogs are not suited for living with cats. Additionally, certain cats, especially those that come from shelters, are very aggressive towards dogs.

This is rare, but it is a possibility. You may have to give up to keep the other. But it is all for the best. You do not want to be in a situation where your pets are acting aggressively towards each other. This could result in serious consequences and it is simply not worth the risk.

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