Information Regarding the Tabby Cat

The name tabby cat comes from the spotted marking on the face and legs of a male Tabby. A tabby is any domesticated cat with a unique ‘M-shaped’ marking on its head, usually stripes by its ears and on its cheeks, around its shoulders, back, legs, tail and hind quarters, and on its chest. Tabby cats are a breed often recognized for their distinct tabby shaped marking on their head. Not only is the marking unique, but the Tabby cat has certain distinct markings which set it apart from all other cats.

Tabby cat patterns are very distinctive. The most obvious being the ‘wing’ pattern just behind the ears. Another is the ‘dot’ or ‘diamond’ pattern behind the ears. Mink blotches also appear on the face and body. Flecks of black fur line the back and sides of the head. Tabby markings on the legs occur in different patterns, as does the coloring on the face and tail.

Tabby cats come in many different colors. There is the beautiful and stunning silver tabby cat, which was once recognized as the world’s best cat in a survey of the world’s top cats. Then there are the vivid orange tabby cats that are known as the pounder cats. Then there are the blue tabby cats that were named after a British officer that had a commando unit that fought against German soldiers in WWII. And then there are the various other colors.

Tabby cats have an outstanding physique for a pet. They are muscular in build, with long, mat-resistant hair and dense skin. They have large, pointed ears, a short tail, rounded paws and an under bite that allows them to eat anything they can get their claws into. Because of their strong jaws and powerful bite, they make an excellent hunting companion, although they will not hunt very large game.

Some of the tabby cat’s unique characteristics are its beautiful colorations. The color mutations seem to occur randomly, although each variety is distinctly unique. Tabby’s can range from a bright orange to various shades of reds and browns. They can also vary widely in terms of patterns. There are tabby cat patterns such as the’stripe’ pattern,’spotted’ pattern, the ‘wildcat’ pattern, the ‘hammerhead’ pattern, the double headed pattern, the double ‘V’ pattern and the double-headed arrow pattern.

There are other characteristics of the tabby cat that make it stand out among all the other breeds. Their coats tend to be short, which is very handy for when you want to walk them. Tabbies have long backs and short coats, although some of them can be a bit longer. Their ears are often rounded, although the majority of them have pointed ears.

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