How To Spoil A Cat – The Story Behind Santa’s Great Adventure

How to spoil a cat, or more accurately, how to turn a cat’s mood from sour to sweet seems like a foreign concept to many people. Cats are famous for their sweet disposition, and as such, they are not the best companions in the house when it comes to mood swings. It is said that once Santa Claus found out that Evelyn knew how to spoil a cat, he reindeer picked her right up and fed her first in December. So what did Santa Claus feed her? Something sweet.

While it is impossible to pinpoint exactly what Santa fed Evelyn, all reports say that she was treated very nicely and that she received nothing less than an entire bag of chocolate from him. If only it were that easy. Santa Claus is said to be extremely allergic to cats, so maybe he didn’t give her anything, or maybe Santa took her directly from the tree to the oven (which is probably how she got to eat the whole bag of chocolate). Anyway, Evelyn seemed to like Solomon so much that when he mentioned how to spoil a cat, she decided to give him a call.

Is it possible that Santa Claus had to hire a secret agent to plant the beans, as Santa Claus is a rather large fellow and she probably could have gotten hurt by his stubby. Regardless, Ravinia and Santa Claus got married and had a son named Renault. When Santa went back for Christmas Eve, no one except the two little children had seen the new bride and her newborn son. When Santa returned, he announced that he had found the “perfect gift,” and that was why he had decided to give Ravinia a surprise basket full of spoiled and dried fruits, candies, and all the things that she loves.

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