How to Prove Abuse of Cats and Dogs

Animal cruelty is rampant in Chicago. Each year, over 70,000 calls are made to the Chicago Police Department’s animal control division, but only four officers are dedicated to investigating such cases. Despite this fact, animal cruelty cases are difficult to prosecute without undeniable proof or a willing witness. Injured cats often flee with no evidence, so it is nearly impossible to find the perpetrator. Fortunately, there are some ways to prove abuse.

The most obvious signs of physical abuse are visible wounds and hurt. Cats are skilled at hiding physical pain, and they often consider pain to be a weakness. In a case of abuse, however, a cat may exhibit certain tell-tale behaviors when approached by a human. These behaviors indicate a history of abuse and ongoing trauma. The earliest signs of abuse may take place before the animal reaches puberty. Some cats are incredibly aggressive, and they view attack as their only option.

Physical abuse causes scars and emotional damage. Even if a cat is rehabilitated, it may show persistent behavior problems. For instance, if a cat is repeatedly stepped on, it may become very nervous and avoid human contact. Consequently, it may not be possible to make up for the loss of social interaction. This is especially true of stray cats, which may hiss at any human approach. The cat may even become depressed.

Anti-cruelty laws must protect every cat, including feral and stray animals. Unfortunately, there are very few states with anti-cruelty laws for cats. In addition to these laws, the laws must be expanded and better enforced. In addition, it is important to consider the fact that many serial killers started as cat abusers before moving onto humans. If you notice something wrong with a cat, it’s important to report it.

Once you have found the evidence of animal abuse, contact the local authorities immediately. It is important to document any evidence in case it is needed. Some afflictions can mimic signs of abuse, such as veterinary care. In addition, an animal that appears to be malnourished isn’t necessarily starving or suffering. Instead, it’s likely suffering from a medical condition and needs medical treatment. If you suspect abuse of a cat or dog, report it to your local animal control department immediately.

If you witness animal cruelty, report it immediately to the local police or sheriff’s department. If the animal is in imminent danger, call 911. Otherwise, call the local police department and report the incident. No one wants to see their cat or dog suffering. Don’t allow this to happen to a beloved pet. You can prevent it from ever suffering again. It’s vital that you speak up when you notice something wrong. You never know when a kind stranger will turn up with the help of a police officer.

One case that caught the attention of the FBI inspector revealed the shocking practice of screwing steel posts into cats’ open wounds. In some cases, metal coils are even implanted in their eyes. These injuries have caused infections in some cats and even led to their deaths. One of the cats, named Craig, was rescued by a group called Second Chance. Luckily, he survived and was adopted out. If you are thinking about adopting a cat, it is important to understand how to properly care for them.

Sadly, there is a strong correlation between animal abuse and domestic violence. Abusers use animals as a prop to entrap the victims. Victims often rely on their companion animals as a lone confidant, which makes it difficult to leave the abuser’s grip on the animal. In some cases, the abuser may even threaten the animal in front of children or partners, as a means of ensuring that the victim does not leave the relationship or voluntarily move out of the relationship.

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