How to Heal a Broken Tail Cat

Broken Tail: Causes, Treatment and Prevention

If you suspect that your cat has suffered a broken tail, the first step should be to see your veterinarian. He or she will be able to diagnose the problem and recommend the proper treatment. In many cases, the cat will heal well and quickly adapt to having a shorter tail. However, the recovery time for a broken tail cat can vary.

If the fracture is not too severe, the fracture will heal by itself over a period of time. A clean break is not likely to damage blood vessels or nerves. A vet will monitor the healing process and may prescribe pain medication to reduce the pain. Severe injuries, however, may necessitate amputation. Generally, though, the injured tail heals on its own.

Cats can get into a lot of mischief and end up with many injuries, including a broken tail. The injury can be minor or severe, and symptoms may include hair loss, swelling, and bleeding. Serious injuries may involve nerve or blood vessel damage. In some cases, the tail may even be dislocated.

If you have a broken tail cat, you’re likely wondering if it’s worth it to get it fixed. A broken tail can cause a cat to scream in pain, but it’s not always life-threatening. A vet will give you a few tips to help your feline friend get back on their feet and live a happy life.

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