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How Long Do Cats Live? Find Out Here

How long do cats live? This question has been at the forefront of many cat owners’ minds since the time of the ancient Egyptians who believed that cats were old creatures which lived a thousand years. This was a common belief during the time of Cleopatra who was famous for her love for cats.

The lifespan of a cat varies greatly depending on a number of factors including the diet they are fed, whether they are indoors or outdoors, their activity level and how they are cared for. The cat in essence is an indoor/outdoor species of little carnivore mammal. It is by far the only domesticated animal in the feline family and is commonly referred to the indoor cat to separate it from its outdoor relatives. A cat can live anywhere from two to ten years depending on a variety of factors. These factors are mainly related to how long the cat stays indoors.

How long does a cat live in the wild is usually two years. Some will have lived longer, but these are very rare. The average lifespan of wild cats is fifteen years. Domestic cats, on the other hand, can live anywhere from two to fifteen years on average depending on a variety of factors.

Life expectancy can be affected by a variety of factors. If a cat is not healthy it will have a much shorter life span. Diseases and illnesses can have a devastating effect on the life span of a cat, making it necessary to have regular vaccinations. Health problems can affect both male and female cats and can shorten the life span dramatically. Cats that live in stressful situations also have a shorter life span. It is essential that cats that are exposed to a lot of stress have a healthy coat as stress can affect all aspects of a cat’s health.

How long do neutered cats live longer has also been studied. Male cats that undergo neutering tend to live longer than intact males. There are even studies that show that neutered cats are less likely to develop prostate disease, which is common in intact cats. An intact male cat that undergoes neutering is also less likely to develop diabetes.

How long do cats live in the wild has been a mystery. This is because no one knows how long they can live in their natural environment without human intervention. Many scientists are currently trying to figure out how these cats manage to survive the harsh conditions that they face. Even with all of this knowledge, there is still no conclusive answer about the average lifespan of wild cats. Scientists can only conclude that they are indeed very old, but the exact age is unknown.

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