Fun Facts About Your Savannah Cat

Although not a recognized breed, the Savannah cat is still one of the most beloved feline types around. Originating in the Carolingian colony in Europe, this beautiful cat was later brought to the United States by early European settlers. Sporting a short, stocky body, long legs, and a short, stocky tail, the Savannah cat is a handy size for a pet. In their native homeland, the Savannah cat’s physique was that of a medium-sized cat with rounded ears and a short, sloping back.

Recent studies show that the American Savannah cat is actually a feral domestic cat that has been crossed with a number of other domestic cats. Because they were not recognized as a separate breed in either the United States or Europe, the American Savannah cat was listed as merely a category of Domestic Cat. Their exact history is largely unknown. But they do share some general traits with many other domestic breeds including: they are generally healthy, sturdy felines, easily trained, fairly alert, and well-balanced.

The ideal environment to raise a Savannah cat is, naturally, with its mother and father. However, since these animals are generally quite shy, they are not suitable pets for children under the age of twelve years old. Any small children who live with an adult kitty should be monitored closely to ensure that neither the child nor the pet kitten be left alone with the former. An adult cat will generally not approve of a child being alone with the kitten, and will most likely try to intervene between the two.

In terms of housing, the Savannah cat is a very happy pet and is often cared for in large households. They can fit easily into a large household, since they are very stable and gentle creatures. But, like any other domestic cat, they prefer to be in large, enclosed environments with their litters. If you do decide to house your Savannah cat in a large household, make sure there is adequate space to allow her natural movements among the other cats in the house.

One of the most fun facts about the Savannah cat is that it possesses a longer lifespan than most feline breeds. And the good news is, even when your domestic cat becomes sick or has a medical issue, you can frequently bring them back into health by simply giving them a homeopathic remedy. Homeopathic remedies contain no chemicals, artificial preservatives, additives, or synthetic ingredients, so they are 100% safe for your pet cat, and can boost their immune system, promote a healthier coat and a more playful attitude.

While the basic information in this article may have been somewhat basic, you should now have a better idea of some of the fun facts about Savannah cats and the benefits of keeping them within your home. Their gentle temperament and long life span make them an ideal pet for many people who do not have the time, money, or inclination to groom their own cats. Because they are not actively seeking attention, they tend to be calm, content and unassuming members of the cat family. And when properly cared for, they will produce a whole litter of healthy kittens.

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