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Feline Fun: How To Choose The Right Cat Toys

Cat Toys


Cat Toys

Do you ever feel like your cat is missing out on all the cat toys fun? Cats are natural hunters and explorers, so keeping them engaged with toys that stimulate their senses can make a big difference in their quality of life. But when choosing the right toys for your cat, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution.

Every cat has different preferences and needs, so finding the perfect toy can be challenging. If you want a plethora of toys for your feline family member, our subscription cat box is a good investment. Each box features fun toys and delicious treats your cat will love.

The following are some things to remember when attempting to find the right toys for your cat.

Experiment With Textures

When it comes to toys, cats can be very particular about texture. Different materials provide different sensations that can stimulate your cat’s senses. Plush fabrics can give a soft and comforting feel. Rubber or plastic can add a bit of crunch. And crinkly materials can excite their curiosity.

Experimenting with different textures is important to finding the perfect cat toys. A subscription cat box allows you to try out several textures without making multiple purchases.

Consider Toy Movement

For cats who like a good chase and thrill, balls or motorized toys that move on their own may be a good fit. These types of playthings provide stimulation for cats as they try to catch them and swat at them. This kind of play is especially beneficial for cats who live in indoor spaces because it allows them to use their natural predatory instincts without hurting anyone or anything.

Alternatively, if your cat prefers to stay in one place while playing, there are plenty of options for them, too. Toys that they can bat around without chasing can be just as exciting and engaging for cats. Look for toys made with feathers or furry materials that move with every paw swipe.

Assess How Your Cat Reacts To Noise

Cat playing with Toys


Cat playing with Toys

Noise can be an important factor in choosing the right toys for your feline friend. Some cats may be attracted to toys that make noise, such as those with crinkly papers, rattles, or bells. The sound and motion of these toys can provide an added level of stimulation.

On the other hand, some cats may be scared off by noisy cat toys. This can be due to their natural environment or simply because they don’t like loud noises. Always consider your cat’s reactions when experimenting with noise levels and adjust accordingly. 

Our subscription cat box will provide you with a variety of toys. With these toys, you can figure out what your cat likes.

Give Your Cat Toys with puzzles

Food-motivated cats can get a lot of excitement out of cat toys with puzzles that dispense treats. These toys challenge your cat to work for their reward, which is an exciting prospect for many felines.

Puzzle toys often feature various compartments your cat needs to manipulate to access the treat or food inside. Many puzzle toys are adjustable, so you can increase the difficulty as your cat becomes more experienced.

It’s Time To Try Our Subscription Cat Box

If you want to provide your cat with great toys and treats, it’s time to order your subscription cat box. Check out Felix the Cat.

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