Common Cat Breeds

There are several different types of cats and all of them have their own characteristics that separate them from one another. Although all cats are known as felines, there are three main types that include the Abyssinian, Domestic and Taboo. All of them have their own distinctive features and are different from one another.

The Abyssinian is the most famous of all types of domestic cats. It is also known by other names such as Persian, Oriental and even Egyptian. This breed originated from southern Asia and after centuries of breeding, these felines became very popular. These types of cats have different features from one another and are known for having long, luxurious coats which can be seen in pictures or even in person. These cats are affectionate by nature and this trait was favored over other types of breeds.

The Persian cat breeds were probably the most common ones in the first years of their existence. These felines have a very unique and beautiful coat that is silky and shiny. These cat breeds were originally bred to catch the attention of the nobility in Europe during the Renaissance. The Taboo cat breed later became very popular and this type of felines were often sported by celebrities during their early days. These are some of the traits that make this type of cat breeds distinct from others.

If you want to bring a graceful look to your home, then the blue eyes and black hair combination is for you. This combination is known as the blue-eyed cat and the black fur is what makes the cat look graceful. In order to achieve the appearance of this particular combination, the parents of the kittens would be blue eyes and the mother would have black hair. Since the cat has blue eyes, it is able to blend into its environment easily and this is what is needed in order to be able to become a part of royalty in the society.

You should take note that there are many other types of cat breeds out there. That is why, when you are choosing one for yourself, make sure that the type would suit your lifestyle, personality and the environment where you want to keep it. The coat pattern of this animal depends on its genetics. If you want to acquire a pet that possesses the desirable coat pattern, you should purchase the long-haired type. This type of cat has a very lovely and healthy coat that protects it against the environmental hazards.

Caring for these types of domestic cats might require you to spend more time than what you expect, since they have a very complicated life compared to that of the normal domestic cats. If you are not an experienced owner of domestic cats, then you should seek help from a professional. There are many professional cat caretakers who can teach you how you can train your longhaired kittens or how you can maintain their health after they grow up. If you are not skilled enough in this aspect, you can always search for information online.

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