What Breed of Cat Can Swim?

While all cats can swim, some breeds prefer water over land. A cat’s genetic background plays an important role in determining how well they swim. Some cats are naturally better swimmers than others, and they are also prone to enjoy swimming because it helps them survive or hunt. In either [...]

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How Much is a Bengal Cat?

The question of how much is a Bengal cat is not a new one. These exotic cats are famous for their smooth coats, distinctly marked markings, and their ‘wild’ appearance. Despite their popularity, the cost of a Bengal cat isn’t cheap. It can cost you thousands of dollars over its [...]

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How Much to Feed Cats

The calorie content of a cat’s food is based on several factors. Your cat’s weight and body condition are the most basic guide to how much to feed. A lean, muscular cat with a large frame weighs 15 pounds and will need more than twice as many calories per day [...]

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How to Prove Abuse of Cats and Dogs

Animal cruelty is rampant in Chicago. Each year, over 70,000 calls are made to the Chicago Police Department’s animal control division, but only four officers are dedicated to investigating such cases. Despite this fact, animal cruelty cases are difficult to prosecute without undeniable proof or a willing witness. Injured cats [...]

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Can Cats Eat Popcorn?

A common question people ask is, “Can cats eat popcorn?” The answer to this question is “yes!” If you are wondering if your cat can ingest popcorn, read on. Popcorn is a very popular snack food for cats. Here are some tips to keep your cat from consuming popcorn. First, [...]

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Antibiotics For Cat Bite Infections

Cat bite wounds are typically microbial in nature. The most common pathogens were Pasteurella species, although there were also other isolated anaerobes. Pasteurella infections generally triggered an infection in less than a day. In contrast, infection in dogs was much slower to develop. Antibiotic treatment is required to treat these [...]

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