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A 5-Week-Old Kitten Needs a Lot of Nutrition!

Your new kitten is a two-week baby and you are wondering how she is doing. Well you are not the only one that wonders how your new kitten is doing, most owners do wonder this with their kittens too. You better watch out!

Like you, most people probably notice that their new baby is starting to explore everything in the surroundings, like the litter box, bedding, and even other cats in the house. Now think about how your two-week kitty was before you brought her home. She had been in the pet store for a couple of days and probably spent an inordinate amount of time in the litter box. Remember, the litter box was where she was feeding her litter.

If this was your pet’s usual feeding position, you are probably wondering how she can make it on her own at this young age. The answer is simple, she must be eating her mom’s formula feeding. This is the best type of food for her because it is high in protein and low in carbohydrates. Your little girl needs carbohydrates to help burn her fat. And if she has a consistent supply of formula feeding, she will grow up to be a lean, sturdy girl with little weight issues in her adult years.

As your little kitty gets older, she will need less food. You can increase the amount of food you give to her gradually, depending on your vet’s recommendations and your kitty’s needs. At this point, your vet will probably tell you to start transitioning your little one to wet food. Wet food provides your kitty with the vitamins and nutrients that she needs to be healthy while transitioning to solid food, which means giving her a higher percentage of dry food as well.

After five weeks old, it is time to move your sweet kitten to a solid food. However, keep in mind that some solid foods may actually be higher in fat than the dry variety would be. That said, most veterinarians recommend that young kittens begin eating food at four weeks old or before. Some five weeks old cats are given soy formulas in order to reduce their fatty tissue, but most vets don’t approve of this.

Once you have chosen the litter for your new bundle of joy, you should situate her in her cat condo and introduce her to her surroundings. Kittens are a bit curious at first, but they are very well trained once you get them used to their new home. You and your five-week-old kitten should enjoy many happy years together.

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