5 Easy Homemade Cat Food Recipes For Your Furry Pals

When you have a pet, you want the best for them. Whether it is a dog or a cat, you want them to give the best care. This includes everything from their bed to the food they eat and the veterinarian they visit.

Among these necessities, food is the one your pet needs on the most frequent basis. Unsurprisingly, the pet food industry is worth $94.76 billion worldwide. It seems incomprehensible. However, when you consider the millions of pets owned worldwide, the number makes perfect sense.

The number could be even higher, except that many people tend to make pet food at home. Instead of buying premade pet food from the store, owners may choose to make food for their pets at home.

This is especially true if your pet suffers from food allergies. Maybe your pet needs to follow a restrictive diet due to an underlying condition. Some owners just feel they can make food that is more nutritious and well-balanced than ready-to-eat pet food from the store.

5 Easy Cat Food Recipes To Make At Home

There are loads of recipes available that you can easily make at home. Whether you have Rottweiler puppies or Persian cats, there are recipes that your furry pets will enjoy. Here are our top picks for the five cat food recipes that are easy to make, delicious, and full of nutrients:

1.     Tuna And Boiled Rice

Fish is a great food for cats. It is rich in nutrients such as Omega-3 fatty acids and important vitamins. This simple recipe is flavorful and requires very little work. All you need is canned tuna, boiled rice, and vegetables of your choice.

Lightly fry the tuna fish in a pan with a few drops of oil. You can swap the tuna for sardines or even salmon. Whichever one your cat prefers. Canned fish usually is seasoned, so no need to add extra salt.

When the fish is done you can sauté in a few vegetables in the same pan. You can include carrots, potatoes, or even some greens. Again, make sure the vegetables are to your cat’s liking. Otherwise, it will be a waste of food.

Finally, boil white rice and serve everything together. Boiled rice with tuna and vegetables is a quick recipe. It is a complete meal with carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, and minerals.

2.     Chicken With Liver And Potatoes

Cats love chicken and cooking chicken talks little time, so it’s a win overall. Take boneless chicken. It can be a breast piece or a thigh cut, whichever is easily available. Lightly season the chicken. Some salt will do, nothing fancy.

You can shallow-fry the chicken pieces or roast them. Make sure they are cut into thin enough pieces. Do the same with the chicken liver. The liver is an excellent source of iron. If your cat is anemic, the liver is highly recommended.

Top off the dish with a serving of mashed potatoes. Potatoes are a source of carbohydrates. If your vet does not recommend giving your cat too many carbohydrates, you can easily skip them.

3.     Steamed Pork With Oatmeal

Always keep thin slices of pork in the store to cook up this simple recipe. Steam the pork slices. It is not compulsory to steam the pork, you can fry it as well.

Now prepare the oatmeal. The quick cooking option takes under five minutes to cook. No need to put salt or any other seasoning in the oatmeal. All the taste will come from the pork.

Serve your cat this wonderful dish warm for the ultimate comfort food experience. Scoop in some oatmeal in a bowl and place the pork pieces on one side.

4.     Keeping It Raw

If you want to simplify things and completely cut down cooking time, then just go raw. Cats can eat raw meat without any issues. Some cats prefer raw meat to cooked meat anyways. Going raw also means that you do not lose any of the meat’s nutrients.

While it is easy here are a few important things to remember. First, be very careful to clean the meat. Whichever meat it is, poultry, beef, or pork, wash it thoroughly. Serve it immediately; do not let it lay outside for long.

Secondly, remove bones carefully. This goes for cooked meat, but in raw meat, the bones are especially an issue.

Lastly, make sure you cut the meat into appropriate pieces so your cat can eat them easily. Raw meat is tough and can prove difficult for your cat to break into pieces.  There is a lot of evidence that shows adding raw meat to the diet can be very effective for cats and dogs.

5.     Baked Treats For Your Cat

It would not be fair if there were not at least one recipe for cat treats. Your furry friends need the occasional treat for good behavior.

Preheat the oven and mix in the dry ingredients like flour, powdered milk, and catnip. Whisk in an egg. Once the dough is mixed place a small portion on the baking sheet and places it in the oven. Cook until done.

The measurements are easy and depend upon the quantity you are making. Cats love catnip and adding it to flavor the treats is a great idea.

Cooking For Your Cat

Cooking for your pet is a special feeling. It can be very fun trying out new techniques and working with different ingredients. Preparing food for your cat at home is a bonding experience as it allows you to learn about your cat’s preferences.

Sometimes cooking for your furry friend is the only option you have. Your pet may be suffering from a disease that greatly restricts its diet. So, cooking at home is necessary.

Once you get a hold of it, it becomes very easy. Most recipes require very little prep time and the cooking time is also short because you are making small portions. You might just gain a new hobby and develop a love for cooking by preparing your cat’s food at home.

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