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Every Worthy Cat box comes stuffed full of all natural treats, fun toys customized to your cat's chewing needs & exciting new accessories and products for you to try.

The Worthy Cats Difference

Cats are always there for us! We need to make sure we do the same. Unfortunately, the majority of toys and treats found in retail stores do not put an emphasis on containing the correct nutrients to improve our cat's health. They are cheap, low quality, mass produced goods aimed to make a profit. Our cats will love these treats because lets face it... they're cats!

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Buy a cat subscription box to get all essentials for your pet and get relief from the dauting task of shopping around for pet essentials. You can choose the essentials to pack in the box and get it delivered to your doorstep every month.

Buying subscription boxes saves money that you can use in buying other important things for your cat. A cat needs many things but it is up you to decide what to buy for your pet. And here we provide an opportunity to choose the best things for your cat so that you can give it all the love and care.

Our objective is to help you find all the essentials your cat needs for its well-being. It is for this reason that we call them the best subscription boxes. They save money and time. We have everything you will want to buy for your pet but we don’t want you to spend on things that have little use for your cat.

You choose the best cat supplies and make an automatic cat box to be delivered to your home every month. We have the list of things you need and we have the mailing address. We will deliver a box every month without fail. And if you want to change the box contents, you can indicate your preference on our website.

We will update the information and change the box contents to suit your needs. And you can make the changes with much ease using our website. The price of subscription boxes will be determined according to the selection of content. But it would never be an expensive affair.

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